August Double Giveaway!


Renegade Labs is having a *DOUBLE* giveaway for the month of August!

We will be giving away 2 products to 2 different winners. The first product is our EZ-GBA DIY Kit, and the second is our EZ-GBZ DIY Kit. Both kits are do it yourself kits, where everything is plug and play, with *no soldering*

Enter the contest to possibly win one of these wonderful kits, by entering in some details, and clicking the “Like” & “Share” buttons! Click HERE for more details!

Our Top Selling Products Listed Below


Nicholas Carter

This is a great all in one PCB board for building a gameboy zero. It has integrated audio with a potentiometer and headphone jack. The seller was very helpful and gave me the retrogame download to burn to an SD card with the proper operating system configurations

小室 博

Wonderful is a commodity. Correspondence is also polite

Steve is THE MAN for Gameboy Builds!

Excellent products and support. Would only trust Steve with my money and time. All around fantastic job! My new addiction. Rock solid hardware with an excellent software suite!

Neil Patrick Bradshaw