Last Week at Renegade Labs (4/20 to 4/24)

Last Week at Renegade Labs (4/20 to 4/24)

Parts Update:
Parts orders from our suppliers are continuing to arrive and we are continuing to get caught back up on orders. We have begun to notice that since shipping companies have taken appropriate safety measures to keep their employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, all incoming and outgoing shipments are taking longer than they normally do to arrive. Orders that normally took only a few days to arrive once clearing through customs are now taking up to 2 weeks to arrive. Because of this we will no longer be giving out any exact or estimated shipping dates unless your order is in our current production queue. We can give out a very rough estimate, but that could very widely depending on current safety measures and restrictions currently being enforced.

While the companies that we deal with have reopened, they are still in the process of recovering and it will take some time for them to be back up to full production. We here at Renegade Labs expect to be back up to almost full production by the end of next week as the rest of the parts we ordered before the outbreak start arriving. We have already placed new parts orders for our orders that came in during the shutdown and expect them to start arriving within the next few weeks as our suppliers continue to work on their recovery.

Our first batch of outstanding orders is already in production and will be completed and shipped as the remainder of our parts orders arrive. We expect the first batch to start shipping as early as the end of next week with the second batch shipping out the following week.

To our customers that have outstanding orders, we offer you our apologies and thank you for your patience and understanding with our current predicament.

Office News:
Our first attempt at 3D scanning was a bust. The scanner we purchased was not of the best quality and did not live up to the expectations we originally had for it. We will be doing further research into what would be the best 3D scanner for our interests and trying again at a later time.

Product News:
The Orion HD PCBs should be arriving in the next week or so and will no longer be in Pre-Order status. Sadly a project we have been working on has been shelved for the time being. For those that watch our live streams you may have noticed Steve showing a resin printed shell for a handheld retro game console. This project has been sidelined for now until we can get caught back up on current orders. This project will continue at a later time and will be a Renegade Labs original design. What would you like to see in a handheld retro game console that either hasn’t been done before or could use improvement.

As always we hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

From the Renegade Labs Team
– Steve D (Engineer)
– Nick D (Assistant Engineer)
– Mike K (Customer Service)

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