Last week at Renegade Labs (5/11 to 5/15)

Last week at Renegade Labs (5/11 to 5/15)

We have received enough of our delayed parts orders to start doing massive bulk assemblies in order to get caught up quicker. To help save a bit more time, orders in these bulk assemblies will ship out all at once instead of when each order is completed. This will allow us to concentrate on assembly and take one day at the end of each batch to do shipping, rather than multiple days throughout the bulk assemblies. If your order is one of the ones being shipped, you will receive notification of shipment and a tracking number.

There are a few changes being made to Renegade Labs in the coming weeks. Our Live stream schedule is changing once again. Our Monday and Wednesday times will remain the same beginning at 10pm EST and ending at 12am EST. Our Saturday stream will now be on Friday starting at 9pm EST and ending at ????. We currently stream on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and Periscope. We are looking into one other live streaming service and will announce that one once we have it set up and ready to go.

Our website has already seen a few changes. The 3D printed screen bezels for our older products are no longer a listed product. They are now available through our 3D printing service upon request. We have also discontinued our Ground Board PCBs and the Pi 3 Conversion Adapter PCBs for the AIO and AIO Pro line. The Pi 3 Conversion Adapter PCB will still be available on the website until stock runs out. The Ground Board PCB has been removed completely and the rest of our stock of those will be available to win during giveaways on our Live streams.

Our DIY Kits will also see some changes starting next week. Stay tuned for updates on those products.

he Orion HD has seen it’s first upgrade already. The 3D resin printed cartridge shell has been redesigned to be screwed together rather than snapping together. If you have received the snap together design and experience any issues with it, please contact for an upgrade to the new design.

We have a few other projects in the works that will not only help speed up our production but hopefully become a new standard in the DIY community. These new projects will be both retro gaming and non-gaming related. Stay tuned for more information as designs, prototypes and fully functional versions of these new products are revealed.

As always, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

From the Renegade Labs Team:
Steve D (Engineer)
– Nick L (Assistant Engineer)
– Mike K (Customer Service Manager)

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