This Week at Renegade Labs (4/6 to 4/10)

Parts Update:Parts orders are continuing to come in and we are assembling and completing what we can for orders with what is available while we wait for the remainder of the parts to arrive. At this point we are waiting on a shipment of batteries to arrive to complete many orders. Our batteries are custom ordered directly from the manufacturer and takes some time to complete, especially in the large quantity that we ordered. We have received confirmation that the battery order has shipped, however because of the large quantity it has to be shipped by freighter. Because of this the have to go through both the port authority and customs when they arrive before being transferred to a local … Read moreThis Week at Renegade Labs (4/6 to 4/10)

This Week at Renegade Labs (3/30 to 4/3)

Parts & Shipping Updates:Our non-essential business closure ends today and we will resume shipping next week as long as the closure is not extended before then. If the order does get extended before Monday, we will still resume shipping next week. However instead of our normal scheduled pick-up days of Tuesday and Friday, we will be dropping of packages every other Friday to our shipping provider starting next Friday. This will help limit our exposure to COVID-19 and allow us to continue to resume shipping out orders to our customers. We have received enough of our parts orders to ship out about 30 orders when we resume shipping next week. We are still receiving back-ordered and delayed parts from our … Read moreThis Week at Renegade Labs (3/30 to 4/3)

This week at Renegade Labs (3/23 to 3/27)

Parts Update:We have received the screens we have been waiting for and are continuing production. We are still waiting on batteries to arrive at our main office in Canada, but our US Repair Tech has received their shipment. If the batteries at our main office have not arrived by the time we resume shipping, we will be sending out orders without batteries and sending batteries separately from our US Repair Tech until we either receive the batteries at the main office or until our US Repair Tech runs out. Office News:During the mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses in Ontario, we are down to one employee in the main office. Steve has been working day and night to complete orders … Read moreThis week at Renegade Labs (3/23 to 3/27)

Emergency Update Newsletter (Mar 23)

SHIPPING / PARTS UPDATES:Effectively immediately we will be postponing all shipping for at least the next 2 weeks in compliance with temporary laws passed in Canada restricting non-essential shipping. Our parts orders will still be coming in, albeit slowly, as essential supply shipments are taking priority over non-essential shipments. We will continue to build and package orders as parts continue to come in and will resume shipping as soon as the government lifts the restrictions set in place. Please accept our apologies for the extra delays that your orders have experienced. As a business, we must adhere to all rules, regulations and restrictions set in place by our government during this time to keep our customers and ourselves safe. This … Read moreEmergency Update Newsletter (Mar 23)

This week at Renegade Labs (Mar 16 to Mar 20)

Parts Update:As of now we still have our parts orders rolling in. Parts orders placed just before, during and after the shutdown of our suppliers in China following the outbreak of the Coronavirus. All orders from our website and Etsy store will be fulfilled in the order that they were received as our parts orders continue to arrive. We have heard rumors about the possibility of international shipping getting restricted or shutdown. So far they are just rumors and nothing has been put into effect yet. Renegade Labs will continue to ship out orders until we are obligated to stop. If shipping comes to a halt we will continue to work on orders as long as we can with the … Read moreThis week at Renegade Labs (Mar 16 to Mar 20)

This week at Renegade Labs (Mar 9 to Mar 13)

PARTS UPDATE: Our parts suppliers are still operating at a limited capacity but our parts orders are arriving as they continue to recover. We are still expecting to resume production starting at the end of this week, beginning of next week, at the earliest. CORONAVIRUS CONCERNS: We have had several customers express concerns about possible infection due to the fact that our parts come from China. We here at Renegade Labs take this very seriously. The COVID-19 virus cannot survive outside the body for more than 5 days. This timeline usually expires by the time we receive the parts. As an extra measure of precaution all parts orders we receive are handled with Nitrile Gloves and while wearing a face … Read moreThis week at Renegade Labs (Mar 9 to Mar 13)

This week at Renegade Labs (Mar 2 – Mar 6)

PARTS UPDATE: Our parts orders have started rolling in from our suppliers in China. As many of you may know and for those that do not, our parts suppliers were affected greatly by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This has affected many large businesses as well as small businesses such as Renegade Labs. Konami has even announced that the scheduled release of the TurboGrafx-16 Mini/ Pc Engine Mini on March 19th, 2020 will be delayed until further notice due to the shutdown of the parts suppliers and manufacturers following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. While the companies that we deal with have reopened, they are still in the process of recovering and it will take some time for them to be back … Read moreThis week at Renegade Labs (Mar 2 – Mar 6)

COVID-19 Update: In-House Production Continues, Delays with inbound parts & outbound shipments, Read More...