Renegade Labs Bi-Weekly Newsletter August 2020

Parts Update:
We have received a shipment of a new style of screens that we have been waiting on to complete our current production queue. The new style of screen varies slightly from the style we normally get and needs to be modified slightly before it can be used with our custom hardware and 3D printed screen bezel. The modifications that need to be done are to the screen housing and not the screen itself.

If your order is in the current batch you will receive an automated email with a tracking number.

Website Updates:
To avoid any confusion on our policies we have created a new section on our website that lays out our Terms and Conditions for placing orders. The new section can be found at the top and bottom of our main page under Policies. Here is a link to that section:

Orion HD News:
As many of you may know, or have experienced it for yourself, the Orion HD cartridge shell has had a few issues along the way. Our first attempt at a snap together design was scrapped and we went with a screw together design instead. While this was the ideal design to go with, the resin printed shells were suffering from a durability issue. They were either breaking during shipping or cracking during assembly by the customer. We switched to a PLA printed shell instead because it has a better durability. However after some complaints about the quality of the print and a tip on resin printing from an associate, we are going back to resin prints. The new resin printed shells have a strengthening additive mixed into the resin. These new resin printed shells are virtually unbreakable. When testing the new shells we could only get them to break after being bent almost in half.

If you received an early resin print or a PLA print with your Orion HD order and would like to upgrade to the new strengthened resin shell, please contact for further instructions.

Support News:
If you contact us for an update on your order please include the Full Name and Order Number associated with the order in your request. We will no longer be giving out any information unless these are provided. We will also no longer be providing status updates on Facebook Messenger unless the name on the Facebook account is the same as what is on the order and you can provide the order number.

Also you must contact us on the platform you ordered from. If you ordered directly from our website you can email us at or send us a message on Facebook Messenger from Please make sure you have the full name and order number in the message before sending. If you ordered on Etsy, please message us through Etsy as recent changes to their policies prohibit us from giving updates unless it is directly through their messaging system.

From the Renegade Labs Team:
– Steve D (Engineer)
– Mike K (Customer Service)

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