Renegade Labs Newsletter (7/20 to 7/24)

Renegade Labs Newsletter (7/20 to 7/24)

Renegade Labs is currently in the process of relocating to a new office space.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • During this week we will not be working on or shipping out any orders during the relocation.
  • With a new and bigger office space we will have room for additional equipment to speed up production. Some of this equipment we already have but have not been able to use due to not having the space for it, and other equipment that has been ordered and is being delivered to our new location.
  • With the bigger space we also hope to expand our production team from just Steve to at least one more, if not 2, additional team members to help with production. We already have a few interested persons and hope that they pass the probationary stage so that we can get them on board full or even part time to help with orders.
  • This also means any incoming parts orders will be delayed a bit due to our address change as well.

As mentioned above, incoming parts orders and outgoing customer orders may be delayed a bit during our transition to our new facility. We plan on being back to full production mode again starting early next week or even late this week depending on how quickly we get our equipment set back up in the new office space. We have some parts orders that have been received over the weekend and more arriving this week. However those parts orders will not be unpacked and put into our production inventory until our relocation is complete. There are also some orders ready to ship once the move is complete. If your order is one of the ones getting shipped out you will receive an automated email with tracking number.

Here’s a little background on the company for our customers. Renegade Labs was started in late 2017 by Steve as a hobby. It originally started with just Full Builds and DIY Ground Boards where people could either make their own or purchase one already made. As more people became interested we upgraded from the Ground Board to an All-In-One PCB. The AIO PCB made it to where the DIY and Full Builds no longer needed the additional modules as there where now all on the PCB. Next came the AIO Pro which added safe-shutdown and battery monitoring. This stayed the standard for just over a year.

As more people without soldering skills gained interest, the EZ line of our products was engineered and released. This new line made it easy for anyone to build their own Gameboy Zero no matter their skill level. This is also where things started to go wrong. We did not predict that the product would go over so well so early in the launch of the EZ line. Due to the significant increase in orders, our suppliers at the time we unable to keep up with our demands. We added additional suppliers to help supplement our increase in orders and things were starting to look up. Then a new Coronavirus (COVID-19) started spreading in China where all of our parts suppliers were located. Our suppliers got by for as long as they could before they were ultimately forced to shutdown once it became an epidemic. During the time they tried to remain open we received a number of incoming parts orders with errors due to our suppliers being short-staffed and having to pull employees from different departments that were not trained properly for their new area. By the time we received theses orders with the errors, our suppliers had already shutdown for their observance of the Chinese New Year and would not reopen again until late February. Upon reopening they were still short-staffed and now had to deal with new safety restrictions and guidelines to help prevent or reduce further spreading of COVID-19. This caused delays in not only getting replacements for our previous parts orders with errors, but also in getting any additional new parts orders we placed after they reopened.

All of this combined with shipping times being extended due to shipping providers also taking extra safety precautions to help prevent or reduce the risk of further spreading COVID-19.

We are doing everything we possibly can on our end to get orders fulfilled as corrected and new parts orders still continue to arrive, albeit slowly. We are grateful to our customers that have stood by us and remained patient during these difficult times. We are hoping that our new location will provide us with the necessary room to expand the production side of our business to the point we can get caught up quicker and continue to provide the service that we once did before the global pandemic affected us all.

From the Renegade Labs Team:
Steve D – Engineer
Mike K – Customer Service Manager

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