Renegade Labs Newsletter 7/27 to 7/31

Renegade Labs Newsletter 7/27 to 7/31

While we have received most of our minor parts orders such as the components needed to populate the PCBs, we are still waiting on multiple shipments of our major parts such as screens, batteries and Raspberry Pi’s to arrive to finish off our current production batch. While we are waiting on these parts to arrive we have started assembly for our next two production batches. This includes modifying shells, populating PCBs, flashing images on SD cards, 3D printing parts and pre-packaging what we can while waiting for the parts needed to complete the orders to arrive.

We have everything moved into the new office space and have what is needed to continue production up and running. There is still some equipment that needs to be set up and calibrated, but that will be done after hours throughout the rest of this week.

If you contact us for an update on your order please include the Full Name and Order Number associated with the order in your request. We will no longer be giving out any information unless these are provided. We will also no longer be providing status updates on Facebook Messenger unless the name on the Facebook account is the same as what is on the order and you can provide the order number.

Also you must contact us on the platform you ordered from. If you ordered directly from our website you can email us at or send us a message on Facebook Messenger from Please make sure you have the full name and order number in the message before sending. If you ordered on Etsy, please message us through Etsy as recent changes to their policies prohibit us from giving updates unless it is directly through their messaging system.

From the Renegade Labs Team:
– Steve D (Engineer)
– Mike K (Customer Service)

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