This week at Renegade Labs (6/1 to 6/5)

This week at Renegade Labs (6/1 to 6/5)

Order Updates:
We have received the majority of our parts orders from prior to our parts suppliers COVID-19 quarantine shutdowns. We are waiting on a couple of shipments of screens and batteries to arrive from the pre-shutdown parts orders to get started on our next mass production of orders. The screens and batteries we use for our products are custom ordered to our specifications directly from the manufacturers and take the longest of all the parts to arrive because they are produced for us when the orders for them are placed. The manufacturers do not have a ready supply of them in stock that they can ship out when we place the order with them. Some parts orders from post-shutdown orders have started arriving as well. These are just mostly PCB components and a few handheld accessories such as buttons and D-pads.

We are continuing to do everything we possibly can on our end to get orders fulfilled as parts orders come in as our parts suppliers continue to catch up from their shutdowns.

Office News:
Our production and shipping team has suffered a loss this week. Steve’s assistant , Nick, has chosen to part ways with the Renegade Labs Team to move onto other opportunities. We are sad to see him go and wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors. For the time being it will just be Steve doing all production and shipping until he can find a suitable replacement to hire on. This will slow down production and shipping a bit while Steve adjusts to the extra workload.

The website will start seeing some changes soon. Orders will start to transition from pre-orders to a readily available stock so that we can get orders shipped out quicker without having to wait for parts orders.

Upcoming Projects and Products:
Because of the fluctuations in pricing and availability of the Raspberry Pi models we use, we are in the process of developing our own Single Board Computer (SBC) for our products. Early designs for this project have started but we are still far from the prototyping phase.

Work on our own original Renegade Labs Handheld is getting closer to a prototyping stage. Once completed it will utilize either a CM3+ Lite or our own SBC once it is completed.

We are also working on a new revision of both the CM3 Phoenix GBZ and GBA models to include an SD card slot. This slot will not be functional for additional storage but will instead allow customers the option of using the CM3+ Lite with an SD card rather than being limited to the 32GB of storage on the CM3+ internal eMMC.

Two additional models of the Gameboy are under design at Renegade Labs. CM3 models of the Gameboy Pocket and the Gameboy Color will be added to our list of products once the prototype phase has been completed for both models.

As always, we here at Renegade Labs wish you all the best and hope you and your loved ones are continuing to stay safe from COVID-19. With restrictions starting to be lifted around the world we suggest still following the main safety precautions until everything gets back to normal so another wave of infections doesn’t start.

From the Renegade Labs Team:
– Steve D (Engineer)
– Mike K (Customer Service Manager)

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